How would you describe your identity? Who are you


Our Women of Faith gatherings explore to answer these questions through God's perspective. Who does He say you are? How does He see you? Do you believe you are loved, cherished, seen, and even born for such a time as this?


Join us on Thursdays as we read from different parts of the Bible to grow in our identity as women.


Women play a significant role in the Bible. From the beginning with Eve, to the known and unknown characters throughout, and even to Mary, who birthed the Lord Jesus Christ, God has used women to shape and change the course of history. And He wants to use yours as well.


Come join us on Thursdays for Women of Faith as we explore the lives of women in the Bible and grow as women of courage, faith and influence for our generation.  Come for community, meet other students, and to pray together.


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Thursdays, 7:00pm EST