About CUBF

Columbia University Bible Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian group on Columbia’s campus made up of current students, alums, and others in the area. We have the desire to share God’s word with students and those within the Columbia community.

CUBF was established over 30 years ago when our elders, Samuel and Ruth Shin began praying for God’s salvation work on Columbia’s campus. Today, as a fellowship and family, we continue to pray for students to come to know Jesus Christ personally and have a relationship with their Father in Heaven.

As a church ministry we hold Praise and Worship Service on campus every Sunday.  We offer weekly small group Bible studies during the semester and summer months. During these Bible studies, we pray for one another and discuss various Bible passages based on our prayer to grow deeper roots in Christ. We also offer 1:1 Bible study for students who would like to meet with someone to have a more personal discussion. During 1:1, we share God’s Word and pray for one another.  For those early birds, we welcome you to join us for Morning Prayer time every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6AM.

If you want to know more about us, feel free to email us or come to any of our events. We pray for your semester and that you may come to know the deep love of God while you are here at Columbia.